Reminder: You MUST write "Apartment Buddy" as the ONLY referral source on ALL Guest Cards (initial property visits), Rental Applications, and notify us through our online Claim Rebate form once you've signed your lease.

Use the Rebate Chart below to find the amount of the rebate check you’ll receive by using our Free service!

Effective Monthly Rent 100% Commission 50% Commission
$500-$749 $100 $50
$750-$999 $125 $50
$1000-$1499 $150 $75
$1500-$1999 $200 $100
$2000-$2499 $250 $125
$2500-$2999 $300 $150
$3000+ $500 $250

Apartment Buddy gives you a rebate from the commission we receive from the apartment property. Our commission normally ranges from 50% - 100% of the Effective Monthly Rent.

To read the Rebate Chart, simply find your price range (Effective Rent column), and then view the corresponding rebate amounts (in green) for the 100% and 50% commission rates.

For more information, please read the Terms and Conditions of Rebate Offer.