Here's what some of our customers, in their own words, are saying about us:

“The service I received from my agent was timely and very helpful. Within a week, I had already picked out my new apartment which I adore.” –Bridget G.

“I would recommend your free apartment locating service to others, and I already have. The cash back rebate is very nice, aside from the professionalism.” –Orhan U.

"I just want to thank you for all of your help, and I will use your service again when it's time for me to move again." –Jeremy L.

“Working with the free apartment locating service made my move of almost 1,500 miles very smooth. I did not have to worry about finding specific apartments in the area that my job is in. I told the agent I was working with the area that I wanted to live in and some of the amenities I preferred and she compiled a list of apartments for me just like that! I came for one day, looked around at my options, and chose an apartment. It was that simple. I am very pleased with the outcome and the help the free apartment locating service gave me.” –Ciera C.

“Responsive apartment locator service which goes the extra mile!” –Brandon T.

“I received excellent customer service from you all. I will recommend you to anyone looking for an apartment. Thank you guys!” –Moses P.

“It was very helpful to get a list of apartments with the prices and features of the area I was looking for.” –Yamileth A.

“I was a little nervous about having to search for my first apartment all by myself, but my apartment locator made the process super easy. My locator was very friendly and answered all my questions. If she didn’t have an answer for me right then and there, she’d look up the information and would always get back to me. She helped me find an awesome apartment with all the amenities I needed, and within my price range. Thank you ! –Angelica N.

“My apartment locator provided me with great service. Not being from the area, searching for an apartment was challenging, but with her help, I have a great luxury apartment in an excellent location.” –Angela D.

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