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If you would like to learn more about us, let’s start with the definition of “buddy”. After all, Apartment Buddy is our name.

bud-dy (bŭd'ē)
1. A good friend; a comrade
2. A partner

So, first and foremost, please consider Apartment Buddy your helpful friend and dedicated partner during your apartment search. That being said, we are a team of caring real estate professionals committed to providing the friendliest apartment search assistance and customer service you’ll ever find! 

Our knowledgeable agents are industry experts, staying up-to-date on all of the great specials and incentives being offered by thousands of apartment communities. As your friend, we dedicate ourselves to finding you the best apartment at the absolute best price! 

When using our free apartment locating service, you will always be treated with respect, and will receive the information you need to find your perfect apartment home in a timely manner.

This is because you are more than just a number (or a commission) to us. You are a real person who would simply like some help, and that’s exactly what we love to do—Give Help.

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